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The popularity of genealogical research has been increased with the growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web (www). Paralleling this growth in genealogical research has been the increasing popularity of Scottish Festivals and Highland Games. As this popularity grows, so do the urges of many Americans to learn more about their Scottish Heritage. Many persons assume that since they have Scottish ancestry, their name must surely be among the names of the great Clans of Scotland. Indeed, generations upon generations of marriages among the settlers of the New World and the Americas have produced many American and Canadian descendants with a variety of possible Clan affiliations by surname. Unfortunately, there are also many of Scottish descent wishing to trace their most recent surname's history, only to be frustrated by a lack of information. A study of Scotland shows that approximately seventy percent of all the families of Scotland and their descendants were not affiliated with, or members of, the ancient Highland Clans.

Ancestral Pride

As a descendant of one or more of Scotland's families you should celebrate your Scottish heritage with as much pride and spirit as any member of a Clan society. For those interested in wearing specific tartan colors related to Scottish heritage, there are many possibilities. For instance, the Black Watch and Royal Stewart are open tartans that can be worn by anyone. There are also tartans for the United States, Carolina, and Georgia, to name a few as well. In addition, many of the districts of Scotland have their own tartans. And all of the districts of Scotland have colorful and exciting histories.

The Scottish District Families Association would like to extend a warm welcome to all persons interested in promoting their heritage, as well as the heritage of the families of Scotland. Attempts to develop an organization for the families of Scottish heritage with no ties to the Clans began as early as the 1980s but efforts did not meet with much success. After failed attempts to develop and maintain this and other earlier organizations, some with similar names, the actions that eventually lead to the present SDFA were established through the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations, Inc. (COSCA) in 1996.  This first meeting occurred at the Chief's tent at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.  This support was established out of concern by several leading members of COSCA for those people of Scottish heritage who felt left out of the spirit and pride which comes from active participation in Scottish Festivals and Gatherings.

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
The 63rd Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are July 12-15, 2018
"If you've never been to Grandfather, you haven't been to what are,
and will always be...America's Braemar."


COSCA realized then as now that there is a largely untapped potential for an increased awareness and promotion of Scotland and Scottish heritage. This potential lies among the approximately seventy percent of all persons descended from the great families of Scotland that were never affiliated with the Clans. As a result of these efforts, those ideas for the present SDFA were forged in 1996, with the first official meeting and elections occurring one year later in 1997, again at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.

The SDFA maintains close ties with and strongly supports COSCA. Several of our members and officers can frequently be found assisting COSCA initiatives at many games and festivals. In addition, several clans and scottish organizations, continue to be very supportive of the Scottish District Families Association.


Membership in the SDFA

Membership in the SDFA is a must for anyone wishing to help in the establishment and promotion of this exciting organization. All dues paying members will receive an SDFA Membership pin for members to proudly wear. Member also receive a Quarterly Newsletter, assistance in locating the district in Scotland from which their surname originated, and special opportunities to purchase specially designed SDFA materials, district histories, and ornamental attire.

Additional specific benefits for all SDFA members include membership in a organization dedicated to representing all persons of Scottish heritage, the opportunity to participate in organization meetings, a voice in charting the course and direction of the SDFA, and the opportunity to proudly promote Scottish heritage and the SDFA at Scottish Festivals and Gatherings. In addition, there are slowly but steadily increasing opportunities for the SDFA to have representation in torch light ceremonies and Parade of Tartans at festivals such as the Loch Norman Highland Games ,the Flora MacDonald Highland Games in Red Springs, North Carolina, and the Capital District Games in Altamont, New York.


President - Judi Lloyd

Vice-President - Robert Steele resteele99@gmail.comTreasurer - Dennis Blythe


Convenors and Representatives

Although the SDFA was originally established in the Southeastern region of the United States in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia region, we are for all those of Scottish heritage. If you are interested in possibly becoming a regional representative for your area, please contact us.

Southeast Convenor - Florida - Dennis Blythe

Dennis Blythe

Convener - Southeast - Florida

449 Turkey Creek

Alachua, FL 32615

Northeast Representative - Janet Battastoni

Janet Battastoni

18 Harvard St.

Red Hook, NY 12571

NH Highland Games Convenor - Lew Bowlby

Lew Bowlby

Convener - New Hampsire Games

PO Box 304

East Wilton, ME 04234

Northwest Convenor - Frances (Rick) Dyer

Frances (Rick) Dyer

Convener - Northwestern Region

PO Box 249

Black Eagle, MT 59414

Utah Convenors - Paulette and Dennis Fowler

Paulette and Dennis Fowler

Conveners - Utah

7378 Lona Circle

West Jordan, UT 84084

For those interested in becoming a member of the SDFA, a full calendar year of membership in the Scottish District Families Association can be obtained by sending in the appropriate payment:

Single Membership - $15.00
Family Membership - $25.00

Please send membership dues in care of:

Scottish District Families Association
c/o Judi Lloyd
4007 38th Ave Dr W
Bradenton, FL 34205

For a Membership Application - Click here

News of Interest

Beginning in 2007, and continuing, the Scottish District Families Association was a part of Grandfather Mountain's famous Parade of Tartans! Please join us again and march in 2018!

Districts & Tartans

District tartans and clan tartans have both been around for centuries. As a matter fact, some early tartans once associated with districts eventually became identified with particular clans. The origins of tartans is difficult to ascertain for certain, even after centuries of research. What is known is that tartan has been worn by Highland Scots at least as far back as the 1500's. By the early 18th century the wearing of then tartan had spread to all parts of Scotland. Martin Martin, an early researcher, wrote in 1695 about how tartan plaids were used to identify a wearer's place of origin. What is more interesting is Martin's descriptions that state that the tartan was to identify the place of origin, and not a particular family. Martin also found that the wearing of the tartan could be found on both the Isles and the mainland. The "mainland" in this context meant an area of Scotland that included more than just the Highlands. Indeed, one of the earliest recorded tartans is the Countess of Lennox, which stems from an area near Glasgow. (District Tartans, by Gordon Teall and Philip Smith, Shepherd-Walwyn Pub. Ltd., 1992.)

Scottish Clans & District Tartans

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